Q:Is there parking lot?
There is no parking lot in the hotel.
We are informed of contracted parking lot near the hotel.

· Center Parking …Hakata-ku 2-3-20 Hakata Ekimae
· New Center Parking… Hakata-ku Hakata Ekimae 2-16-6

Both parkings are located at one minute on foot.
We are selling a service tickets that can be parked for up to 17 hours at 1,500 yen (including tax) at the front desk.
If it exceeds 17 hours, a charge of 50 yen (including tax) per 10 minutes will be charged.
In that case, please pay at the parking lot directly.

The service ticket is available only once in and out.
Even if it is outed for a short time, we can not refund or reissue.

Please contact the front desk for the details.
In that case these parking lot is full, you might have to park others.Thank you for your corporation.