Q: Can I lie with my child?
A: We will guide you free of charge for children under primary school age. A double room (1 bed) can accommodate 1 child and a twin room (2 beds) can accommodate 2 children. If you can contact us in advance, we will prepare towels kindly. Please feel free to tell us.

Q: Are there amenities for children?
A: We are preparing "toothbrush, sponge, slipper" as children's specialty from the thought that we want children to spend special time at hotel, we are handed over it all children staying.

Q: Do you have a baby cot?
A: Unfortunately we are not preparing.

Q: Do you have a bed guard?
A: We are preparing. We will guard half of the bed (width 69 cm) to protect your child as falling asleep. It is a type to clamp and fix between the mattress and the bed body. However, since the number is limited, please contact the hotel in advance.